Living Your Passion -  How to Live Your Dream as an Artist

Learn to theme, market, exhibit and
sell your art - do what you love.

We are so pleased to partner with Sian Lindemann to offer our artists access to this opportunity to really pursue their passion while living the life they have dreamed of – the opportunity to be really successful and for the world to see their art.

Sascha Connelly

Be inspired. Join the revolution and start living passionately!

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  • Marta Davidovich CPC Master of Creativity

    "Your consultation was the first that ever OVER-DELIVERED! I am very excited about the possibilities you've suggested. You are an amazing resource, creativity advocate, and agent for world peace. I have no doubt you are attracting people on the planet ready to launch their 'grand vision's'. If you are a friend reading this, it's time to get your work into the world and get paid well for it!"

  • Barbara G. Wainwright CEO, Wainwright Global Inc

    "Sian is one of the most creative, talented and inspiring people I know. Her creative business development process is second to none."

  • Miriam Morales Writer

    "Shift is an understatement."  Sian connected my inner artist, creative writer, and freed the hidden genius and linked the gap in my WOW presentations.  Moreover she possesses a magical coaching niche.  I highly recommend her for creative alignment in niches."  "Always fun to catch up with like-minded empowered women!  YOU SO ROCK!"

Are you tired of not living your passion?

Going through day after day just hoping for a breakthrough?

Isn't it time you finally took a stand and started really living the passion in your life?

We want to show you how to do this while enjoying being able to sell your art to the world!

Our interactive coaching and associated coursework includes:

- Designing Your Elevator Pitch 
- Three Ways to Create Immediate Revenue ~ From your circle of influence
- Social Media ~ Facebook, Twitter and Blogging ~ The implementation of "personal marketing", NOT anonymous mega list building

- The Art of the Sale ~ FAB sales: Fact, Advantage and Benefit


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About Sian - Art Business Expert

Sian is an accomplished artist and visionary with over 30 years of experience in arts promotion, marketing, and career development for artists. As well as being an accomplished artist in her own right, Sian is responsible for contributing to the success of hundreds of artists during her career, providing practical marketing and financial expertise to artists seeking to pursue their passion while building their ability to generate consistent revenues.

Her ability to coach artists to promote, produce and launch successful showings of their work is unparalleled and as a master mentor of the creative spirit Sian will work interactively with artists over the course of eight weeks to  inspire the creation of new ideas and works while simultaneously encouraging growth, depth, and scope in the artists she coaches. Enrollment in ‘Making More than a Living with your Art’ is limited to ten students so everyone receives personal attention.

Be inspired. Join the revolution and start living passionately!

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